What is Uinvest
UINVEST is the company that brought the investors as owners of capital, with real business owners who need loans for its survival. Established in 2007, now has 5000 + investor and play more than 60 million dollars ..

in short, the system is working Uinvest we buy stocks that are available and we will get earnings / profit sharing with a fixed amount every 30 days.

for now, the cheapest stock is $ 11 and the most expensive $ 3,980

UINVEST itself has legal, registered and based in Ukraine and the United States.

UINVEST Coverage on Yahoo! News: click

Office real Uinvest

UINVEST also listed as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Beverly Hills, USA

Why Join Uinvest?
1. ROI is quite tempting
For the results offered by 10-20% per month including high dianggurkan money in the bank than you will get a monthly ROI during the active period of these shares. (Different for each stock, the average between 2-3tahun) When his term had ended the INCA / UINVEST going to buyback shares worth selling your initial INCA / UINVEST

2. Money can be withdrawn at any time
There is no time limit for diinvestkan your money here, you need money? Whenever you can sell your shares back (to another buyer at a higher price, or to UINVEST initial price) and you can immediately to withdraw the money to be disbursed.

3. Add Fund and Withdraw can use Local Bank
LR problem? You want the money directly into the bank because lazy complicated? Can really, with Instant Uinvest Partners Financial services transactions. Banks that are currently available are Mandiri, BCA, BNI and CIMB Niaga to other banks could also requested the Financial Partner

4.Creative admin and professional management
Every day for 24 hours there is always a standby in the chat admin

5. There is evidence of share ownership
Each of us buy a stock, we will send a proof of ownership will be up about 3-8 months (experience some friend), or agan can request express delivery by DHL for $ 100

6. There is a video chat with admin
There is a live video chat session from admin2 uinvest quite refreshing eye video chat schedule is 7:00 to 16:00 GMT that at around 13:00 to 21:00 pm

Work System Uinvest?
The simple, buy the stock and get monthly earning every 30 days. Shares may be sold at any time, but when it is sold before the 30 days will not be earning a monthly quota period
June 1, Budi buy 4 shares of Family for @ $ 175.
So the money he needed was $ 700.

July 1 (30 days later) he got a $ 27 x4 = $ 108

30 days later, he got $ 108

after only 20 days turned out she needed money suddenly
He eventually sold all of its shares for @ 190

so long as he took the initial capital to invest $ 700
and get 2x108 $ = $ 216 + $ 760 = $ 976

What is the Minimum Invest Uinvest?
For now the stock price is the cheapest bungalows priced $ 11 and the proceeds $ 1 per month How to choose the most profitable stocks?
1. select a ROI (Return on Investment) or a percentage of earnings from the stock price high.
2. if anything, select the IPO and have working
3. select the contract is long shares

Is the IPO That?
1. select a ROI (Return on Investment) or a percentage of earnings from the stock price high.
2. if anything, select the IPO and have working
3. select the contract is long shares

Proof Of Payment
Liberty Reserve

How to Register
1. First click HERE
2. It will appear sitenya look like below:

3. Click the Register, the web page will appear as below:

Note In the ACTIVATE GOLD BALANCE up to you whether you want the check or not, if you then deposit your check is in the member's area and uinvest remaining unused by you to purchase the stock will follow the ups and downs of world gold prices, if prices go up then will automatically follow kenaikkannya, and vice versa. My advice, please do not be unchecked.
If you've done everything, click regestrasi.

4. The next step please enter your email and check to see if the email you your registration berhaasil, if successful then email you will notice your login username and password, use it to your house login.

5. the next step please login to the members area.
Then the site will appear as below:

At this stage, you will be required to enter your secret code or the call with a PIN, please enter your 5-digit PIN number, remember jngan to forget your PIN you have entered it. then click SAVE, then click ok.

6. The next step is that you will be directly taken to the members area page, and the page will appear as below:

please first update your registration data by replacing the first password sent to your email earlier with paswords yourself, use a combination of numbers and letters that you are a strong password. do not forget to re-enter your PIN you created earlier to ferifikasinya. if it is click UPDATE.

7. Next you will be brought kehalaman main members area that says change your password successfully.
display as below:

Congratulations you have finished the registration process.

8. The next step is aanda must deposit first in Uinvest so that you can make a purchase of shares, by clicking ADD Fun located on your right. But before you make sure that the account LR (Liberty Reserve) you already have a balance, if you do not fill your first LR balance on the sale and purchase of LR are available, just search on google a lot.


Rican Ad Funds
What is RAF?
RicanAdFunds (RAF) is one of the company's products Rican Professional Networks Ltd. officially registered in the UK. Rican named Owner of the company, namely Richard Cannon, owner of Rican Professional Network Ltd..

Starting from the establishment of ismMagic (Integrated Social Marketing & Magic) in July of 2011 by Mr.. Russell Robert Chapman BSC. A Social Networking sites like Facebook are combined with Advertisement. ismMagic actually been prepared since the end of 2010, but officially operating in July 2011

By mid-year 2012 in which the development of online business is very significant and lead to more investment and profit-sharing schemes, Cannon began compiling program Rican based online business advertisement, following the success of its predecessor (JBP (now ProfitClicking) and some other BO). By holding ismMagic Ltd, ismAdsIncome released on August 16, 2012.

After ismAdsIncome walk more than 1 month, although the growth of interest in ismAdsIncome pretty good, but Cannon Rican see that the market share of online business has two types: Slow and Fast Income Income. ismAdsIncome classified in categories with Slow Return Rate Income (Profit) 1.5% per day. With these considerations Rican Cannon plans to provide another alternative that offers a higher income: 2% per day.

* Each Package Ads for $ 15
* Duration of the contract 125 days
* Daily Profit 2% or 60% per month
* Profit (ROI) of 250% per Package Ads
* Bonus referral 3 Level: L1 = 7%, L2 = L3 = 5% and 3%
* 100% Passive Income
* Profit paid every day
* Minimum Cash Out / Withdrawal $ 15
* No need to login or surfing every day
* Open to all people around the world
* Profit will rapidly increase by way of re-purchase

Thus, Rican Professional Network Ltd. offers 2 business alternatives that are equally profitable, but the profits of different payment schemes. ismAdsIncome offering 1.5% per day with a contract period of 200 days (300% total return) and RicanAdFunds offering Profit 2% per day with a contract period of 125 days (250% total return). It seems very avoiding pengklasifian Rican business into HYIP (High Yield Investment Program).

RicanAdsIncome and ismMagic itself is a business system that applies, "Cashback Advertising Concept". Cashback Advertising Concept is a smart method in building the company's assets, its future! They can directly benefit the customer wants. The ability to promote their own products and to receive a share of the profits.

Why A Company PAY YOU Belongs To Advertise Your Own Product?
Because the company has a long-term goal, which is building a customer database that will be used to further promote their product. By using this system, you become their target customers in making money online. Any company can actually pay an advertising agency to promote their products, but it is easier and more profitable if it can attract its own customers using the "Cashback Advertising Concept!" this.



Company Name:







You buy 10 Pack ad for @ $ 15 = $ 150,
Then the benefits you will get is:
* In Day: 2% x $ 150 = $ 3
* Within 1 month (30 days): 30 x 2% x $ 150 = $ 90
* Within 125 days of the contract: 125 x 2% x $ 150 = $ 375
If you buy 100 ($ 1,500) Advertising Package, Your Daily Profit: $ 30
If you buy the 1000 ($ 15,000) Advertising Package, Your Daily Profit: $ 300

Calculate Profit With Strategy Re-Purchase (compound):
Strategies Increase Income From System Re-Purchase (Compound):
Ideally you buy 50 Ad Package ($ 15 x 50 = $ 750), then every day you Profit: $ 15
With the re-purchase every day, then in 30 days you Daily Profit increased to: $ 26.40
With the re-purchase every day, then in 60 days you Daily Profit increased to: $ 47.70
With the re-purchase every day, then in 90 days you Daily Profit increased to: $ 86.70
With the re-purchase every day, 125 days in your Daily Profit increased to: $ 158.10

Bukti Pembayaran


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