What Is a Ad Click Xpress
Founded by Frederick Mann in 2004 and continues to grow with the latest innovations to the present. Popular in Indonesia since 17 February 2011 bisnis'nya formerly named Justbeenpaid, but because a lot of members who are interested in Justbeenpaid then do migrate / transfer data base to a new server named + new web Ad Click Xpress.

Ad Click Xpress is a program advertising / trafick which gives Profit 2% weekday, weekend 1%, 60% per month, 150% per 88 days for each of your investment. (Clicking on the Profit ADVERTISING = STOCK / POSITION contract period 88 days) and there was one more bonus that you can get the Bonus Matrix 150%, so the total profit is given to the Ad Click Xpress you a bonus of 300%, in this business we work side at home that generates revenue 100% pay, very easy in this business do not need to spend capital, instead we were able to directly register capital $ 10. ProfitClicking will go a very long period of time because it has a system restart possessed only by ProfitClicking, Number of members enrolled in the Ad Click Xpress around 5962893 members

Sample Profit 150%

Suppose you do not have the money then you can only process the bonus from the current list of just $ 10
In profitclicking there are 2 kinds of advertising package that is BASIC and PREMIUM
Basic advertising packages
Profit based on weekday
Buy 1 position = $ 10 profit $ 0.2 per day x 88 days
Buy 10 positions = $ 100 profit $ 2 per day x 88 days
Buy 25 position of $ 250 = $ 5 profit per day x 88 days
Buy 50 positions $ 500 = $ 10 profit per day x 88 days
Buy 100 positions profit $ 1,000 = $ 20 per day x 88 days
when it had reached 150% of its profits can count yourself.

Profit by weekend
Buy 1 position = $ 10 profit $ 0.1 per day x 88 days
Buy 10 position of $ 100 = $ 1 profit per day x 88 days
Buy 25 positions = $ 250 profit $ 2.5 per day x 88 days
Buy 50 positions $ 500 = $ 5 profit per day x 88 days
Buy 100 positions profit $ 1,000 = $ 10 per day x 88 days
when it had reached 150% of its profits can count yourself
Withdraw queuing system

Package Premium Ads
3% profit share every Monday-Sunday $ 0.3
Buy 1 position = $ 10 profit $ 0.3 per day x 55 days
Buy 10 positions = $ 100 profit $ 3 per day x 55 days
Buy 25 positions = $ 250 profit $ 7.5 per day x 55 days
Buy 50 positions $ 500 = $ 15 profit per day x 55 days
Buy 100 positions profit $ 1,000 = $ 30 per day x 55 days
when it had reached 150% of its profits can count yourself
24-36jam instant withdraw in the
My daily income on this site, join since 16-02-2012

Online Business Advantages Ad Click Xpress
  • The process deposits and withdrawals can be made ​​at any time by using the online Liberty Reserve account, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Egopay and instantly get $ 10 bonus bucks when the first deposit.
  • Invest a minimum of $ 10 only. Investment period each position only 81 days (including Saturday and Sunday)
  • Profit is not affected by fluktuatifnya profit company, you STILL 2% Profit per day.
  • The only online ad business that has a system restart
  • Profit will be updated in the member's area every day at 18:00 pm
  • Total profit for 81 days 150% for free members, and who want to upgrade can get a profit of 300%
  • You can buy a position whenever you want without waiting for the day-81
  • Daily Profit that you get can be directly used to buy a new position (compound) without having to wait days-81
  • To maximize your earnings, do compounding (buying new ad packages) each get a $ 10 profit.
  • You can draw / withdrawal your earnings anytime if you already have a minimum $ 20 and maximum process 3x24jam
  • Not having to seek referral / downline. if you can find referrals better, as a bonus passable Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 5% of every purchase of the position of the referral, you will get a bonus of $ 5 to level 1, $ 2.5 for level 2 for any matrix-owned member you deep 2 levels in postions cycle in JSS Synergy Surf matrix. This bonus applies only to members who upgrade.

Where Do We Pay Ad Click Xpress?
JSS-Tripler source of income is from our Invest in governance 10 Ways to Play the JBP our money.
JBP gets it's money from:
1. Admin's JBP JSS-Tripler account;
2. Advertising sales;
3. JBP1 (The Big Success Breakthrough);
4. JBP2 (Killer Success Tricks);
5. JBP3 (More Killer Success Tricks);
6. JSS-Warp;
7. JSS-Booster;
8. JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS);
9. Other income streams to be developed (including "Project CertoPower").
10. JSS Matrix Placements
11. $ 10 Tripler positions
12. 4-8% withdrawal fee
13. $ 5-10 Placement, and Premiums
14. $ 15 Level 1 Upgrade Fees
15. $ 20 JSS position
Source of Profit Clicking intake, the majority in the dominance of the internet marketing products that are sought after quality audience globally, in the United States Frederick Mann is the most wanted internet marketer where every writings, products, work and membership programs are designed with many years very sold in the market.
As great and as famous if Frederick Mann, Try your search on Google the keyword "Frederick Mann", Yes then you will find the results very surprising, as more than 50 million websites recommending his name on

Some Proof of Payment The Member PC Indonesia
To see some proof of payment of the Indonesian PC members can see HERE
Join since the date of February 16, 2012
1.Withdraw Liberty Reserve $24.8415-03-2012
2.Withdraw Liberty Reserve $18.4003-05-2012
3.Withdraw Liberty Reserve $67.1629-05-2012 & 01-06-2012
4. Withdraw Liberty Reserve $55.40 28-06-2012
5. Withdraw Liberty Reserve $87.4021-10-2012
6.Withdraw Liberty Reserve $18.406-12-2012
7.Withdraw Solid Trust Pay $47.0410-12-2012
8.Withdraw Egopay $46.0015-12-2012
9.Withdraw Perfect Money $9223-12-2012
10.Withdraw Liberty Reserve $9224-01-2013

Do We Have to Invest In This Business?
We are not enjoined to invest in the business Ad Click Xpress, with capital of $ 10 of bonus the first time the list also you can be successful, can have a lot of positions in the future and earn a sizable, but will not instantly to get satisfactory results.
There are two ways to quickly produce a satisfactory result, namely :
  • By way of advertising package purchasing more than 1, by purchasing advertising packages we can buy additional packages as we want, the more positions you buy, the greater the revenue per day as we can. To invest click HERE
  • By way of looking for referrals, to get active referrals we will get a bonus of 10% of every purchase made ​​by the position of your referrals and 5% of the purchase refferal position level 2. To find refferal click HERE

PC World's Rating / Alexa Rank

How to Register
  • Online Business Listing for free, register directly to equity bonus $ 10 and 100% proven to pay
  • To join please click HERE
  • Minimum withdraw $20
  • Via Liberty Reserve , Payza, SolidTrustPay and Egopay
  • After the list to make sure you buy a position to earn revenue per day, as many join forgot to buy a position, learn more go DISINI

Step-by-step how to list Ad Click Xpress
1. First of all please go HERE to enter to view the list and make sure your name is my name sponsarnya. Then please click JOIN NOW

2. Enter a username, password, email, security code (make sure you remember the security code in order to withdraw), after filling all click SIGN UP NOW

3. After that open your email used to register earlier, you will get a reply from the PC in your inbox / spam box you simply open the link provided, the link takes you to a new page and it snaps into proceed with my registration

4. Registration is finished, check your email to see your member ID.

5 Enter your member ID, enter the password and you have successfully survived the list until the final step and make sure you are always active in the business for more money earned.

The next step is to buy positions (ad package) in order to earn a living per'harinya click HERE

NB: List 1 IP address / one computer is recommended only active in one account / create 1 account.
when the first IP address we are active more than 1 account then we would violate the TOS / rules Ad Click Xpress

When you have successfully list, make sure that you are opening the email used to register because there will always be the latest info from Ad Click Xpress

Group Ad Click Xpress indo:
Once you join in my pc will automatically send you a letter via email untu invite you to join in group Ad Click Xpress. Ad Click Xpress group of more than 85813 members growing every day, the function of the group on facebook is to determine the development Ad Click Xpress, sharing with other members, asked replied on Ad Click Xpress.

How Interested???Do a Good Opportunity In Delay-Delay, Come Register Today!!!If You Have Questions Please Leave a Message Through Comment ....In Hold Ya Engagement

(^_^)Dukungan Dari Anda Sangatlah Bermanfaat Bagi Saya(^_^)


Your SEO optimized title Apakah Itu PTC ?
PTC adalah singkatan dari Paid To Click. PTC merupakan progam bisnis di internet yang membayar setiap membernya untuk mengklik iklan pada halaman tertentu. Untuk mendapatkan rupiah atau dollar, Anda cukup menjadi member di website PTC (gratis) dan mengklik iklan yang ada di website tersebut. Cukup mudah bukan?. Web PTC  bukan situs Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix atau bersistem " Get Rich Quick" .

Tetapi sebuah inovasi bisnis saling menguntungkan, GRATIS bagi member untuk bergabung, dan menjembatani antara pemakai internet dan pemilik usaha (advertiser) untuk mempromosikan produknya.

Bagaimana Mendapatkan Uang Dari Web Penyedia PTC ?
Setelah login, Anda klik menu lihat iklan/View Ads dan selanjutnya pada daftar iklan Anda klik masing-masing iklan satu persatu. Setiap iklan akan tampil selama 30 detik pada windows/tab baru. Anda akan melihat timer yang menghitung mundur pada sebelah kiri atas. Setelah 30 detik, maka akan muncul sebuah tanda "Ceklist" atau tanda silang merah "X". Tanda "Ceklist" pertanda Saldo Anda telah bertambah Rp 100,- Tanda X adalah kebalikannya, Saldo Anda tidak bertambah. Tanda X akan tampil jika Anda klik lebih dari 1 iklan pada waktu yang sama sebelum iklan yang Anda klik sebelumnya selesai.
Setiap Iklan hanya bisa Anda klik SEKALI dalam 24 Jam

Salah Satu Contoh Penghasilan Pada Progam PTC ?

Anda mengklik 10 iklan tiap hari = Rp.1000 / $0,1
20 referrals anda klik 10 iklan tiap hari = Rp.20.000 / $2
Penghasilan harian anda = Rp. 21.000 / $2.1
Penghasilan mingguan anda = Rp.147.000 / $14.7
Penghasilan bulanan anda = Rp.630.000 / $63
PTC dari dalam negeri tidak jauh berbeda seperti PTC luar negeri

Bagaimana Mencari Referral ?
Mencari referral memang bukanlah wajib Anda lakukan, seandainya tidak mempunyai referral Anda masih bisa mendapatkan penghasilan. Namun, dengan memiliki referral penghasilan Anda akan cepat menjadi besar, karena selain pendapatan dari hasil klik yang Anda lakukan, Anda juga berhak mendapatkan 50 % dari pendapatan referral Anda.Salah satu cara mendapatkan referral yaitu mengajak teman-teman anda melalu blog, dunia real,dll.

Web Yang Menyediakan Progam PTC Sudah Terpercaya ?
Silahkan klik ptc yang akan di kunjungi

Pembayaran PTC Luar Negeri Dan Bisnis Lain
PTC Luar diatas rata-rata menggunakan rekening luar seperti paypal, alertpay dan liberty reserve
Disarankan anda membuat akun liberty reserve atau alertpay karena pembuatan akunnya yang tidak begitu sulit dan bisa tanpa menggunakan kartu kredit / VCC
  • Sistem kerja liberty reserve yaitu menampung mata uang asing yang telah kita peroleh dan disimpan di liberty reserve, membuat akun liberty reserve sangatlah mudah dan tidak memakan waktu lebih dari 5 menit untuk daftar klik DISINI, bila kita ingin menukarkan uang menjadi rupiah tidak bisa langsung di transfer ke rekening bank lokal tetapi harus melewati money change klik DISINI
  • Sistem kerja payza sama seperti liberty reserve tetapi alertypay bisa transfer langsung ke bank lokal dengan syarat kita harus mempunyai kartu kredit / VCC, namun tanpa VCC pun bisa kita menukarkan uang alertypay kita ke akun liberty reserve kita, dan lakukan seperti yang di atas, menggunakan alertypay lebih banyak mengeluarkan biaya, rekening masing-masing tersebut mempunyai keunggulan dan kelemahan masing-masing. Infobuat akun klik DISINI
  • Sistem kerja paypal sama seperti alertypay syarat kita harus mempunyai kartu kredit / VCC, namun tanpa VCC pun bisa kita menukarkan uang paypal kita ke akun liberty reserve kita, dan lakukan seperti yang di atas, menggunakan paypal lebih banyak mengeluarkan biaya, rekening masing-masing tersebut mempunyai keunggulan dan kelemahan masing-masing. Infobuat akun klik DISINI

Bukti Pembayaran
Semua bukti pembayaran bisa klik DISINI

PTC Yang Scam/Bohong
Yang saya ketahui web penyedia PTC terdapat juga yang scam/bohong, jangan mudah terpengaruh dengan harga pembayaran yang tinggi, web yang scam /bohong diantara lain :
  1. Ten Dollar Click
  2. Seven Dollar Click
  3. Four Dollar Click
  4. Three Dollar Click
  5. Two Dollar Click
  6. Big Money PTC
  7. Dollarin BUX
  8. New York Bux
  9. Washington Bux
  10. Contest Bux
  11. Pinky Bux
  12. Tmn Bux
  13. Pad Bux

Memang diliat dari harga per-kliknya cuma 25-300 perak per/hari, namun bila kita berusaha mencari refferal yang cukup banyak maka uang kita pun bertambah banyak, lihat saja sekarang pengguna internet sudah mencpai 42jt lebih dari yang muda sampai yang tua menggunakan internet dan bisnis lewat internet, dari sinilah kita harus pandai-pandai mengajak orang, PTC tidak mengeluarkan keringat dan tidak membuang waktu, kita hanya bermodalkan komputer+koneksi+kopi+roko tinggal meng-klik sebuah iklan kita mendapatkan uang. Tapi perlu diingat tidak semua web PTC dalam atau luar yang benar-benar membayar membernya ada juga yang menipu, intinya kita jangan terlalu tergiur dengan harga yang mahal per kliknya dan liat web tersebut tersedia forum dan bukti pembayarannya tidak, rata-rata normal pembayaran pasti sekitar 5-50 per klik / $0,0001-0,01. Jadi gita sebagai member haruslah pintar-pintar memilih web dari PTC jangan sembarangan masuk. Bila kita masuk ke PTC luar negeri dan kita tidak punya rekening luar negeri tenang saja karena membuat akun ada cara agar gratis / tidak perlu menggunaka kartu kredit.

Bagaimana Tertarik ???
Kesempatan Yang Baik Jangan Di Tunda-Tunda, Ayo Daftar Sekarang Juga !!!
Bila Ada Pertanyaan Silahkan Tinggalkan Pesan Lewat Comment....
Di Tunggu Ya Partisipasinya

(^_^)Dukungan Dari Anda Sangatlah Bermanfaat Bagi Saya(^_^)


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